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Woodland Creek Homes Association is a not for profit corporation located in Olathe, Kansas.  This is the official website for the association.  Welcome!
Woodland Creek is managed by Home Association Solutions, LLC.  You may contact Blake Frischer, at (913)825-0001 or bfrischer@hasolutions.net with any questions or issues to address.
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UPDATE: Pool Restroom Cleanliness
Posted on Jul 3rd, 2018
UPDATE: The Board has been working with our pool vendor the last couple weeks to get our restrooms in line. Although we are still working toward a near perfect state of cleanliness, here's what we have done thus far:
  • Bathroom floors have been scrubbed with PineSol disinfectant on a daily basis 
  • New air fresheners were added to each restroom that periodically spray to combat odors 
  • New urinal screens were added in the men's restroom to reduce odors
  • A cleaning schedule was mounted to each door to verify restrooms are cleaned every morning by our pool service. We will be checking periodically to ensure that this schedule remains.
  • DONE - There are some very hard-to-remove spots in some areas of the floor behind doors and around toilets. We will be trying multiple solutions over the next week to get this cleaned.
  • We are looking into better ways to ventilate these restrooms to get better air circulation during the hotter days of the summer.
(POSTED 6/18/18) We've learned that restroom cleanliness at the pool - especially the women's restroom - has been lacking lately. The Board is working with our management company - HAS - and pool provider to remedy this ASAP. We will deploy some short and long terms solutions to ensure that the restrooms are properly maintained. 
Good Fences Make Good Neighbors
Posted on Mar 16th, 2018
Woodland Creek Residents,
Remember the old proverb, "Good Fences Make Good Neighbors." The last 6-8 months have been brutal to our fences, but now is the time to make your repairs and stain!
Spring is here - and it's a great time to begin the process. Work with your neighbors and partner up! Sometimes these projects can go a lot quicker, and you can even save some money by joining forces.    

Pay HOA Dues Online
Posted on Dec 20th, 2017
Tired of writing and mailing checks?  If so, you can now pay your HOA dues online. Click on the icon below for more information.
Mailing Dues:
If you would rather mail-in your dues, simply make checks payable to Woodland Creek Homes Association, Inc. and send to the address below. Current dues are $330.
Home Association Solutions, LLC
P.O. Box 26145
Overland Park, KS. 66225-6145


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