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Woodland Creek Pool Opens TODAY, May 25!!
Posted on May 25th, 2018

School's out, and the Woodland Creek Community Pool is now open! If you do not have a pool key, contact Home Association Solutions by contacting Blake Frischer at (913) 825-0001 or You must have this pool key to enter, and only one key is permitted per household.
Pool Furniture - All pool furniture was thoroughly sanitized and cleaned by a couple of our dedicated Board members. Although this allowed us to keep some of our older furniture, we will continue to evaluate furniture condition and replace as needed.
Pool Rules: Before heading down to cool off, make sure your family and guests review the Woodland Creek Pool Rules under "HOA Documents" on the left menu of this page. Please note these key rules below:
  • Glass & Styrofoam – Glass and Styrofoam is strictly prohibited. We all know when glass breaks even the smallest pieces can instantly cut. We don’t want that hazard in the pool area. Relatedly Styrofoam can easily clog our pool filters, not to mention the mess it can make when broken.  
  • No Pool Classes – The pool is not to be used for conducting paid workout classes or instructional courses of any kind. Please refrain from doing so.   
  • Food & Drink - Food & drink is never allowed in the pool or while sitting on the edge of the pool. It’s simple common sense. All food & drink must be consumed on the pool deck away from the pool edge.
  • Alcohol – Although alcohol is not expressly prohibited in our covenants, it is strongly discouraged. Remember that the pool area is a family environment.  
  • Signage – Signs were placed with helpful reminders regarding no smoking, no glass, etc.
  • Security - It takes the help of our community to help enforce the guidelines. If kids are unattended, not following rules, using foul language, or even if fellow neighbors are not abiding by the rules, tell them. If they continue, contact HAS at (913) 825-0001 and/or the Board at 
We hope you enjoy another fantastic summer!!